CSR Policy


CSR Policy

[Basic Policy]

We at EXEDY Group are contributing to sustainable development on both societal and global levels, which, through our corporate activities, we carry out at each of our business locations. To accomplish this, we, based on the subsequent ten items, will, irrespective of domestic or overseas location, act with a sense of social decency, as well as uphold all human rights, laws, and international rules.

[Course of Action]

1. Compliance: Fairness and Transparency

We will uphold a spirit of compliance with the laws of each country and region, and will conduct business recognizing that the fundamental rule for corporate activities is to ensure that competition is fair, transparent, and free.

2. Guaranteeing an Enjoyable Workplace Environment

Along with providing a rich and abundant life for our executives and employees and guaranteeing an enjoyable and safe workplace environment, we also offer a corporate climate that both respects the unique personalities of all of our employees and encourages their creativity.

3. The Provision and Development of Products and Services That Satisfy Society

We always ensure that the standard of the products and services that we provide are such that customers and consumers throughout the world feel the greatest level of satisfaction. We act with an awareness that this is our social obligation.

4. Prompt Disclosure of Business Information

As we do with our stockholders, we will continue to communicate with society at large and release corporate information in a prompt, accurate, and fair manner.

5. Proactive Efforts Towards Environmental Problems

In order to help build a world where our societies and nature can coexist, we will pursue our corporate philosophy of creation of fulfillment, and we will endeavor to be environmentally friendly in all aspects of our corporate activities.

6. Activities Aimed at Contributing to Society

As an exceptional corporate citizen, we will place emphasis on our relationships with local communities and conduct activities that contribute to these societies.

7. Our Countermeasures Towards Organized Crime

We resolutely assume countermeasures to organized crime syndicates that threaten the order and safety of civilian societies.

8. Being a Global Enterprise

As a global enterprise that has overseas facilities, we respect the cultures and traditions of each and every nation, and we pledge to contribute to the development of the regions and countries that these facilities are located in.

9. Business Ethics

Our top levels of management will lead by example, do their utmost to manifest the spirit found within our code of conduct, maintain our corporate structure, and strive to thoroughly apply our business ethics.

10. Resolving Problems

In the worst case scenario, if a violation of our conduct standards were to occur, our top levels of management would declare, both internally and externally, their stance on resolving the problem, would inquire into the causes of the violation, and would do all that they could to prevent a recurrence of that violation. Furthermore, we will execute our responsibility of explaining and disclosing this information to society in an accurate and prompt manner, and, upon determining who was responsible, we will punish them without bias.

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