Environmental Conservation


Environmental Conservation

At EXEDY, we are aware of the fact that our core competency is manufacturing, and so we are proactively pushing forward policies aimed at reducing the amount of CO2 emitted and waste produced by the processes that occur when we manufacture our products.

Flowchart Demonstrating the Burden We Place on the Environment

We created visual aids that demonstrate what kind of burdens we are placing on the environment so that we can achieve a system of manufacturing and production that conserves energy and limits the amount of materials we consume. These have proved to be very useful in helping us to reduce the burden we place on the environment, because they allow us to fully understand the extent of the problem by presenting it in numerical form.

Changes in Amount of Waste Discharged and the Basic Unit over Time

*1 Basic Unit: Amount of industrial waste
discharged ÷ sales

*2 All industrial waste generated in FY 2015, including recycled waste
*3 This does not include buried waste (a total of 3.712 kt) generated during the construction of our new factory at Ueno Division

Changes in Amount of CO2 Emissions and the Basic Unit*4 over Time

The conversion factor used to convert electricity consumed to CO2 emitted was taken from the Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA):
0.453 tons of CO2/MWh

*4 Basic Unit: Amount of CO2 emitted ÷ sales

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