Environmental Performance Data


Environmental Performance Data

Costs of and Investments in Environmental Activities and Environmental Accounting

We display here both the costs of environmental conservation as well as the economic and environmental results obtained from our conservation activities so that we can determine how to efficiently proceed with our conservation efforts.

Cost of Environmental Conservation for the 2015 Fiscal Year

(Unit:millions of yen)

Anti-pollution Measures0 58

Measuring costs (water quality, air, waste)

Preservation of the Global Environment286 2 Solar panels; switch over to LED lighting
Recycling Natural Resources0 199 Waste disposal, recycling
Management0 14 Monthly environmental events; periodic ISO inspections
Research0 91 The development of fuel-efficient products and recyclable materials; reductions in weight.
Social Activities0 7 Planting of trees around our offices; environmental education
Subtotal286 371

The Economic Benefits and Amount of Waste Reduced from Environmental Conservation

(Unit:millions of yen)

Economic Benefits
Reductions in CO2 Emissions0 68 64
Reduction of Waste Disposal Costs3 4 0
Selling off Recyclable Waste743 706 383
Total746 778 447
Quantity of Waste and Emissions Reduced
Amount of Industrial Waste Discharged*52 tons 65 tons 73 tons
Amount of CO2 Emitted67.2 kilotons of CO2 67.6 kilotons of CO2 64.6 kilotons of CO2

* This does not include buried waste (a total of 3.712 kt) generated during the construction of our new factory at Ueno Division

Environmental Audit (ISO 14001)

We have three separate levels of audits and inspections: self-inspection, internal audits, and audits performed by external organizations

ISO 14001 Annual Audit

From February 15, 2016, to February 19, 2016, the ISO 14001 renewal audit was conducted at EXEDY Headquarters by DQS Japan Inc. During this inspection, we were highly evaluated for our contributions to society and our zero defect efforts.

In order to address the items that were pointed out during this inspection, we will from now on involve peer groups horizontally in each of our divisions, and continue to develop our systems that are currently in place.

The Results of our Audits
Fiscal YearMajor Instances of Noncompliance

Minor Instances of NoncomplianceChances for Improvement
2015ISO 14001 Annual Audit
(February 2016)
0 1 14
Internal Environmental Audit
(October 2015)
0 5 20

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