How We Strive to Reduce CO<sub>2</sub> Emissions


How We Strive to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Manufacturing eco-friendly products

We at EXEDY have our sights set on eco-friendly product development, and are working to make products that contribute to smaller, lightweight, and fuel-efficient vehicles.

In addition, we are contributing to the creation of societies that use vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner, with many of our products equipped within hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and other eco-friendly vehicles.

Our efforts to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions
resulting from tests run during product development

In order to contribute to our society and make products that please our customers, we, in 2015, reintroduced our low inertia/high torque dynamometer, a testing machine that simulates the conditions of an actual vehicle, and we have actively been developing products that can handle reduced CO2 emissions and improvements in fuel efficiency

We also have been moving forward with energy conservation at our currently existing facilities, carrying out energy-saving design that includes a switch from hydraulic power sources to electric ones and the establishment of regenerative power mechanisms. While maintaining required functionality, we have been able to make improvements to power consumption and keep it below 10%.

In addition to this, we have been able to reduce power consumption by 20% by moving forward with switching each of our testing facilities over to LED lighting, all the while making sure that the rooms remain appropriately lit for the work being done.

EXEDY will, along with creating attractive products that help preserve the environment, continue to conduct tests run during development in a manner that is friendly to our environment.

Location: Development Headquarters

Zero Defect Efforts

We at EXEDY, in order to produce zero defective products, are doing our utmost to carry out our zero defect activities.

We have set up model lines in our manufacturing departments and, through our zero defect efforts, have reduced wastes in materials, parts etc., which in turn have improved work efficiency.

Moreover, these activities have also brought about a change in our employee’s awareness, creating a corporate culture where employees themselves are improving their workplace environments.

Location: M&T Manufacturing Headquarters, AT Manufacturing Headquarters

Reducing power used by switching over to LED lighting

We have switched from conventional fluorescent lighting to LED lights at seven of our buildings, including our MT and logistics buildings, which has enabled us to reduce the amount of power we use.

Location: EXEDY Headquarters, Ueno Division

Installing Solar Panels

We built our new International Square dormitories, which are located at EXEDY Headquarters and Ueno Division, with solar panels installed on the rooftops of both buildings.

Location: EXEDY Headquarters, Ueno Division

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