Health and Safety Activities

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Activities

In order to practice our safety policy, we have established a safety center for the benefit of our employees. We do this through the use of safety demonstrations and courses that implement actual work machinery and equipment.

If our employees are not healthy, our employees are not safe. If our employees are not safe, our company cannot do business. With this in mind, we are pushing forward with our efforts to achieve zero accidents in the workplace so that we can ensure the safety of our workers.

An essential factor in achieving this is what we refer to as cultivating safe workers, and to accomplish this end we are currently offering safety courses within company premises. A safe worker possesses the following qualities:

  • A familiarity with all safety rules
  • An ability to predict when safety hazards will occur
  • A propensity to stop activities when something is either unsafe or acting irregularly

In order to cultivate safe workers, we are currently taking in trainees from both domestic and overseas locations. In addition, as part of our safety education program, which we offer to workers employed on company premises and to those of neighboring companies, we constructed what we call our safety dojo. By doing so, we aim to increase the amount of positive contributions we make to society.


Educating our workers about safety

Safety measures for working in high places

Our Global Safety Summit

With the cooperation of the construction workers who were employed on company premises during our long vacation, we were able to establish a Special Safety Council, carry out joint safety patrols, and hold seminars about on-site construction rules. By doing so, we were able to reinforce the importance of safety at our company and in turn fulfill our responsibility to those working on our premises.

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