Safety and Environment Policy

Health and Safety

Safety and Environment Policy

Basic Policy

Ensuring the safety of our employees, as well as preserving the environment, serve as the foundation of our corporate activities and social responsibility (CSR). While promoting health and with safety as our highest priority, we will strive to create an environment that is gentle to earth.

Safety and Health Action Policy

  1. If our employees are not safe, our company cannot do business. In order to achieve ‘zero defects’ and ‘zero hospital visits’, we will adhere strictly to health and safety laws and internal regulations.
  2. We will continuously undertake Pika Pika and 5S5T activities to maintain our equipment and workplace.
  3. By creating a healthy and comfortable workplace, we prevent work related illness and maintain and promote physical and mental health.
  4. We will continue to carry out activities to eliminate all dangers and harmful factors in the workplace with F2F communication and at a speed of 2-2-2.
  5. When an abnormality occurs, we will thoroughly follow our STOP, CALL and WAIT procedure.

Environment Action Policy

  1. We will comply with laws and stakeholders' requirements and prevent environmental pollution.
  2. In the areas of production, products and service, we will implement and continuously improve our environmental management system to reduce environmental impact.
  3. We will thoroughly carry out energy and natural resource conservation and limit their use and emissions to a minimum.
  4. In cooperation with local communities, we will actively support and participate in nature and environmental protection activities.

April 1, 2017
President & CEO
Hidehito Hisakawa

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