Hyper Single VF

Our Development Aim

Hyper Single VFThe racing world demands clutches that balance the transmission of large amounts of torque with a high degree of responsiveness to the driver's operation of the vehicle. To achieve this end, we developed our Hyper Single VF, which, thanks to its Ultra Fiber organic facing, has incredible start-up performance, and, thanks to its metallic facing, adds amazing heat-resistant properties to the clutch.

Same level of performance as our OE clutch when partially engaged

High Heat Resistance

When the clutch is pressed up against the flywheel, the metal facing takes effect, displaying a high and stable coefficient of friction no matter the temperature. It retains these heat-resistant characteristics under even the most severe of conditions.

Low Pedal Effort

Through the counterforce exerted by the cushioning plate, we were able to achieve a 12% decrease in pedal effort when compared to our Hyper Single Metallic Disc. When you take into account how this also extends to include the clutch when it is partially engaged, what you have is a decrease in pedal effort that allows us to provide drivers with a 1st class driving experience.

EXEDY RACING CLUTCHIf you are interested in learning more about our Hyper Single VF and other racing clutches, then make sure you visit our official racing site at:


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