DSP Type Multi-plate Clutch

Our Development Aim

We developed this clutch with the objective of improving performance and reducing cost. Through our switch from coil springs, which are commonly used in clutches for motorcycles and scooters, to a diaphragm spring, also known as a DSP, we were able to reduce cost and improve the responsiveness of the clutch.

The world’s first multi-plate DSP clutch for motorcycles and scooters

We at EXEDY, who are experienced when it comes to diaphragm springs, are the first in the world to use DSPs in clutches for motorcycles and scooters, and we have devised a unique structure that no other has come up with so far. The DSP differs from a conventional coil spring in that it provides a smoother driving experience and allows the clutch to respond more naturally to the driver's shifting.

Implements a structure that reduces cost during the intial stages of development

By replacing coil springs with diaphragm springs, we were able to reduce the number of friction discs from a total of 5 discs to 2 discs. In addition, we were able to effectively use the metal punched out of the center of the discs as material for our other parts, which in turn helped us reduce manufacturing costs by avoiding needless wastes in materials.

Consistent quality through our automated DSP manufacturing process

We have successfully automated our manufacturing process by adopting press quenching, the use of a press to hold an object while it is being rapidly cooled. We regard this as essential in manufacturing our DSP Type Multi-plate Clutches. Through press quenching, we have been able to ensure the consistent quality of this product, as well as improve productivity and lower manufacturing cost.

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