Low Speed Lock-up Torque Converter

Low speed Lock-up Torque Converter

Our Development Aim

Multi-plate clutchWe aim to develop torque convertors that can balance fuel efficiency and throttle response on an entirely different level.

Improved fuel efficiency achieved by an increase in the lock-up range of the torque converter

This design provides optimizations in both the springs and clutch friction materials found within the torque converter. On top of this, our Low Speed Lock-up Torque Converter is structured to boost clutch performance and has a large-scale increase of over 80% for the torque converter's lock-up range (using JC08 testing standards). All of this contributes to fuel economy yields of up to 7%. Moreover, by making the clutch easier to operate, we are able to offer drivers a more responsive clutch that provides them with a pleasant driving experience.

Compact design that saves space

So that we could increase both engine torque and idle speed, we pushed the compact design of our torque converters' tori to its limit. By optimizing where the clutch and dampers are located, we were able to achieve a 10% reduction in axial length.


By implementing automated manufacturing processes as well as other cost-effective technologies, we have been able to both decrease cost and improve efficiency. This makes it possible for everyday passenger vehicles to be equipped with torque converters that have a built-in multi-plate clutch, something which used to be found only in luxury vehicles.

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