Motorcycle Clutches

AT Motorcycles

Dry Type Pulley Centrifugal Clutch

This part, which is often found in scooters, is built so that as the RPMs of the engine increase, the clutch is engaged through centrifugal force.

MT Motorcycles

Wet Type Centrifugal Clutch

This clutch is used particularly for starting up the vehicle from a stop, and employs a centrifugal mechanism to engage the clutch.

Wet Type Multi-plate Clutch with Coil Springs

This model is used to change the speed of the vehicle and is what is found in most motorcycles. It reduces the amount of force required to operate the clutch lever, and transmits large quantities of torque from the engine to the transmission.

Wet Type Multi-plate Clutch with DSPs

Through adopting a diaphragm spring instead of a coil spring, this product provides the driver with a more responsive clutch lever without taking up more space inside of the vehicle.

One-way Clutch

The one-way clutch is used specifically for starting up the vehicle, and it is designed so that even if the crankshaft does move, the starter motor will not move with it.

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