"2010 MotoGP Season Opening Race" FIAT YAMAHA TEAM makes a ONE-TWO finish

The 2010 MotoGP season opening race was held at Grand Prix of Qatar on Sunday, April 11th, 2010 where the EXEDY supported riders,
V. Rossi and J. Lorenzo, claimed the first two positions for a YAMAHA-FIAT TEAM one-two finish.

Race winner # 46 V. Rossi

V. Rossi, starting from the second position, halfway though the race had a lead of four seconds from the sixth position rider.
The riders close together had battled fiercely for their positions.
The lead was away from V. Rossi one time during the race but it was soon recovered to give him the first place finish.
The last time V. Rossi had won the season opening race was five years ago in 2005.

During the last two laps, rider J. Lorenzo had passed two riders to give him the second position where he could finish
with his teammate for a FIAT YAMAHA TEAM one-two finish.

Second place # 99 J. Lorenzo (right)

V, Rossi player (left) race winner, 2nd place J. Lorenzo (right)

「The Twin-Ring Motegi will host the second round of the MotoGP 2010 season on Sunday,
April 25th. Please join us this year in wishing the FIAT YAMAHA TEAM the best of luck.

<Planned Future>
Round 2 April 25th Japan GP (postponed in October)
Round 3 May 2nd   Spain GP
Round 4 May 23rd  France GP

For more detail, visit the MotoGP official website.
MotoGP official website

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