Three successive wins to start the MotoGP FIAT YAMAHA TEAM 2010 season!


Three successive wins to start the MotoGP FIAT YAMAHA TEAM 2010 season!

The victory at the season’s second round, Spain GP at Jerez Circuit on May 2nd, joins the victory of the third round, France GP at the Le Mans Circuit on May 23rd, to give the FIAT YAMAHA TEAM’s J. Lorenzo first place standing and the team’s 2010 season start of three successive wins.

First place J.Lorenzo (left) Third place V. Rossi (right)

The Moto GP second round consisted of the Spain GP where J. Lorenzo would take the lead within the final lap of the race on the back straight. V. Rossi had followed closely in third place to end the race. With this victory, V. Rossi had given his championship first place position to his teammate J. Lorenzo.
The two riders of the FIAT YAMAHA TEAM had a victory podium finish. Round three consisted of the France GP where pole position rider, V. Rossi, had pulled away from the start with his teammate J. Lorenzo. The two riders later had exchanged positions giving J. Lorenzo the first place finish and V. Rossi the second place position. The FIAT YAMAHA TEAM was again able to put together a one-two-finish.

Successive winning J. Lorenzo (right), 2nd place V. Rossi (left)

The Italia GP at the Mugello Circuit being the fourth round of Moto GP is where J. Lorenzo finished second in the
victory podium finish. Teammate V. Rossi had an unfortunate fall during practice fracturing his tibia,
which will require him to miss some of the future races.

Second place J. Lorenzo at the victory stand.

The point ranking now stands with first place J. Lorenzo ( 90 Points), 3rd place V. Rossi (61 Points).
Round five will take place at the England GP on June 20th 2010.
Please join us wishing the FIAT YAMAHA TEAM the best of luck.

For more detail, visit the MotoGP official website.
MotoGP official website

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